Compulsory school

The compulsory school, or the compulsory school for learning disabilities, Sami school or the special school are compulsory in Sweden. The compulsory school and the compulsory school for learning disabilities consists of nine years of schooling. The Sami school consists of 6 years of schooling. The Special school consists of 10 years of schooling. Each school year is divided into two terms, one in the autumn and one in the spring.

School attendance is compulsory for all children resident in Sweden. Children are required to attend school from the autumn term in the year they reach the age of 7, and the main rule is that compulsory school attendance ceases at the end of the spring term in the 9th year (10th year in the special school).

In Sweden most children begin their first year at school in the autumn term when they reach the age of 7. It is also possible that children start when they reach the age of 6 and in special cases 8. Education should be equivalent irrespective of where pupils attend school.

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