What is preschool?

The preschool should lay the foundations for the first part of childrens learning which will continue for the rest of their lives.

Children should be provided with good pedagogical activities. The preschool should be enjoyable, secure, and rich in providing learning opportunities for all children attending. Children should have the opportunity of learning through playing, creating and exploring – on their own, in groups and together with adults.

The preschool is a separate school form and its activities are regarded as education and teaching. Teaching takes place under the supervision of preschool teachers, but there may also be other staff to promote the child's development and learning.

The staff in the preschool plans pedagogical activities enabling children to create, learn and explore. This takes place, for instance, through playing, cooperating with others, painting, building and singing. Creating security for both children and parents is an important task of the preschool.

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