What are folk high schools?

There are 148 folk high schools - independent adult education colleges - in Sweden. Each folk high school decides independently what courses it provides, and freely designs its teaching. This means that courses can be quite different from each other.

There are several types of course: year-long courses, short courses, summer courses or distance courses. Long courses are of the following types:

1. General courses, which are an alternative to municipal adult education. They correspond to, and provide the same eligibility as, compulsory comprehensive school or upper secondary school.

2. Special courses can be oriented towards:

  • specific areas of interest (such as music, art, the environment, international)
  • professions (such as youth recreation leader, treatment assistant, sign language interpreter)
  • groups (e.g. people with various disabilities, immigrants)

Information on the range of courses is available at the folk high schools' joint website administered by the Folk High Schools Information Service at:


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