Frågor och svar

I have an evaluation of my foreign credentials (utlåtande), issued by the Council for Higher Education (UHR). The evaluation states that I have a teaching degree. Will I be granted certification if I apply and submit the evaluation from UHR?

You are not guaranteed certification, even if your evaluation shows that you have a teaching degree. In an evaluation of foreign degrees (utlåtande), UHR merely determines which Swedish type of degree the foreign merits most closely correspond to.

After reviewing your application for certification, however, we will send your documents to UHR where your qualifications will be assessed according to the specific requirements for Swedish teaching degrees, preschool teaching degrees and recreation instructor degrees. UHR will summarise their findings in a so-called “yttrande” to the National Agency for Education. Such a summary contains different information from an evaluation (“utlåtande”).