Taking on a Swedish student at your workplace

For key persons taking on a Swedish student for workbased learning, WBL, at your workplace.

Below you find six short films on the subject of taking on a Swedish student at your workplace. The films are in English with subtitles in English as well as in French, Italian, Spanish and German.

Film: Swedish vocational education (1.20 min)

The film describes how the Swedish vocational education is arranged at upper secondary level either within the upper secondary school or at an adult education centre.

Film: The task of supervising (1.39 min)

This film reason about the task of supervising a student from a different country with both language and cultural differences.

Film: The responsibility of the school and teacher (1.28 min)

The teachers of the schools in Sweden are responsible for planning learning activities that the student needs to practise and for following up at the workplace. In this film you get the picture of your role in this and how to collaborate.

Film: Professional expertise and identity (1.38 min)

As a trainer you are a role model for the student who can contribute to the students gradual accumulation of professional skills and identity. See how in the film below.

Film: Supervising workplace-based learning (1.21 min)

In workplace-based learning it is important that the students are let to try the work activities themselves. This film is about how to supervise the student’s workplace-based learning.

Film: Risk assessment (1.41 min)

The film describes how you can prevent accidents to happen by getting the student involved in risk assessment.

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