Do you speak Ukrainian? Swedish schools could use you

Do you speak Ukrainian or Russian and want to help Ukrainian children and young people fleeing the war in Ukraine?

Swedish schools need you to help Ukrainian children and young people who have fled to Sweden from war-torn Ukraine. Children from Ukraine are welcome in Swedish preschools and schools. There they can continue their education in a safe and secure social context.

Who are you?

You speak:

  • Ukrainian or Russian
  • and Swedish or English.

Most important is that you know the languages and want to help. You may have emigrated from Ukraine yourself and have experience with Ukrainian preschool or school, or you may be a retired teacher with the right language skills.

Even if you have no preschool or school experience, you could be considered for employment in a supporting role at a preschool or school.

How to help

Contact your local municipality or nearest preschool or school. In Sweden, there are municipal as well as independent preschools and schools. You can find the contact details of municipal preschools and schools on the municipality's website. The municipality can also provide information about available preschools and schools and help you locate them. You can also look for independent preschools and schools in your area.

You can also find all the schools in a chosen area on our Education Guide (Utbildningsguiden) website. The service is in Swedish. To use it, enter the relevant area, municipality or county in the search field "Sök område".

Find primary schools, Education Guide External link.

Find compulsory schools for pupils with learning disabilities, Education Guide External link.

Find upper secondary schools, Education Guide External link.

Municipalities in Sweden, SKR website External link.

If you have fled Ukraine and seek support in finding employment in Sweden, you can register with Arbetsförmedlingen. In their service “Platsbanken” you can find available services throughout the country.

Are you from Ukraine and looking for work? Arbetsförmedlingen website External link.

Platsbanken, Arbetsförmedlingen's website External link.

Can you work in Sweden?

If you have been granted a temporary residence permit under the EU's Temporary Protection Directive, you have the right to work in Sweden. Asylum seekers who are exempt from the work permit requirement (i.e., have AT-UND status), are also entitled to work in Sweden.

After a decision on a residence permit under the Temporary Protection Directive, Swedish Migration Agency website External link.

Working as an asylum seeker, Migration Agency website External link.

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